Introducing the Ultimate Self-Care App for Hypertension, Diabetes & General Wellness!

YourBP is a HIPAA-compliant self-care app that uses AI to turn your health tracking data such as vitals, sleep, diet and activity, as well as medicines and medical notes, into useful insights.

Our goal is to make your health information more accessible, actionable, and understandable for everyone.

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How YourBP Works?

YourBP turns your smartphone into an AI powered hypertension care companion app that manages your care with vitals tracking, medication reminder & refill, and along with diet, sleep & activity tracking.

It empowers patients by providing them with the right tools and insights to manage their condition better.

Care Diary

YourBP’s care diary helps the patients to monitor their progress over time and share the insights with their healthcare provider.

The care diary is an important tool for patients to better understand their body and how lifestyle changes can improve their overall health.

Medication Reminder & Refill

It is a simple, easy and effective way to help patients to manage their medications. The application allows the patient to view their current medications, refill them early or schedule a refill for later.

Patients can also track when they’ve taken their medication.

Get Rewared

Our rewards program will include a wide variety of perks, including discounted gym memberships and fitness classes. It will also provide users with exclusive access to special events, early bird sales on new products and services from partners, and more!

In addition to these benefits, YourBP’s rewards program will allow users the opportunity to earn points for completing specific actions or reaching milestones that can be redeemed for rewards.

Care Effectiveness Score

The Care Effectiveness Score is an indicator of how well the patient is taking care of himself/ herself and will be able to predict the potential risks of cardiovascular diseases.

It takes into account the patient's activity level, sleep quality, diet and vitals in order to provide you with a score that reflects your overall health.

Why YourBP?

Patients can prevent serious health issues like stroke, heart diseases and kidney failure by being involved in their hypertension care and keeping all health information, medication, and treatment plans together in one place for better comprehension and actionability.

YourBP aims to solve this by providing a HIPAA-compliant digital care diary that uses AI to turn user's health tracking data, such as vitals, sleep, diet, and activity, as well as medicines and medical notes, into useful insights.

Our goal is to make your health information more accessible, actionable, and understandable for everyone.


About Us

YourBP is the ultimate self-care app for hypertension management. It allows you to track all your health data in one place, making it more accessible, actionable, and understandable for everyone.

To become the most trusted digital health and wellness self-care app for hypertension.

Our mission is to simplify hypertension care.

Founding Team

We are a passionate and diverse founders who shares the common vision to build an amazing product for the hypertension care.

Hypertension is the leading cause of kidney failure, stroke and heart disease. We understand that hypertension is a serious health condition that affects millions of people in the USA.

We want to build an app that helps people living with hypertension by providing the best quality of life possible, and we are passionate about the idea.

Peter Sahaya Raj

Peter Sahaya Raj

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

An alumnus of IIM-C with 25 years of Corporate strategic Business leadership experience.

Don Bosco

Anita Mary

Director of Growth

Growth Marketer with a passion for driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies and tactics.

Pr. A. Isaac

Pr. A. Isaac

Co-Founder, Corporate Chaplain

Founder of New Garden Ministry.

Don Bosco

Don Bosco


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions by our users.

  • What is Hypertension care?

    The management of hypertension entails a combination of self-care practices and medication. Self-care measures encompass maintaining a routine of physical exercise, managing stress, obtaining adequate sleep for a duration of 7 to 9 hours daily, consuming a heart-healthy diet with minimal sodium, sustaining a healthy weight, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, and frequently monitoring blood pressure readings at home.

  • What are the vital signs and their normal parameters?

    Vital signs are indicators of crucial bodily functions, such as your pulse, respiratory rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. To assess your physical well-being, your healthcare provider may observe, measure, or track your vital signs.

    Normal vital signs change with age, sex, weight, exercise capability, and overall health. Normal vital sign ranges for the average healthy adult while resting are:

    Blood pressure: 90/60 mm Hg to 120/80 mm Hg
    Breathing: 12 to 18 breaths per minute
    Pulse: 60 to 100 beats per minute
    Temperature: 97.8°F to 99.1°F (36.5°C to 37.3°C); average 98.6°F (37°C)

  • To measure your blood pressure accurately, please follow these guidelines:

    • Refrain from eating or drinking anything for 30 minutes before taking your blood pressure.

    • Empty your bladder before measuring your blood pressure.

    • Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported for at least 5 minutes before measuring your blood pressure.

    • Keep both feet flat on the ground and avoid crossing your legs.

    • Rest your arm with the blood pressure cuff on a table at chest height.

    • Ensure that the blood pressure cuff is snug but not excessively tight. The cuff should be in contact with your bare skin, not over clothing.

    • Remain quiet while your blood pressure is being measured.

    • Measure your blood pressure at the same time every day.

    • Take at least two readings, with a one or two minute interval between them.

  • A normal blood pressure level is less than 120/80 mmHg.

  • Blood pressure is recorded using two values:

    • The first value, known as systolic blood pressure, denotes the pressure exerted on the walls of your arteries during a heartbeat.

    • The second value, referred to as diastolic blood pressure, signifies the pressure in your arteries between heartbeats when the heart is at rest.

    • If the blood pressure reading shows a systolic value of 120 and a diastolic value of 80, it is expressed as "120 over 80" or "120/80 mmHg" in writing.

  • Yes; YourBP is HIPAA complaint.


Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or feedback you may have. We strive to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

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